SOFIE WORKSHOP "Decentralised operation and security in the IoT Space" RESULTS

On 18th ofJune SOFIE dedicated a workshop to "Decentralised operation and security in the IoT Space" introducing our outstanding research results and applications to showcase how decentralization in the IoT Space helps our society and economy. The event was organized in cooperation with initiative. 
SOFIE representatives gave the following presentations:

  • "An Introduction: The IoT Space and Where SOFIE fit in" by George Polyzos.
  • "Combining multiple ledgers for better control - Interledger approaches in IoT" by Santeri Paavolainen.
  • "Enabling Decentralised Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials for Constrained IoT Devices" by Vasilios A. Siris.
  • "Enabling next generation secure energy services through data exchange liberation" by Priit Anton.
  • "A marketplace for flexibility: improving power network efficiency using electric vehicles" by Giuseppe Raveduto.
  • "Exploring DLT & IoT use-cases in mobile gaming" by Max Samarin.
  • "Blockchain-based Architectures for Food Supply-Chain Management" by Spyros Voulgaris.

If you could not participate at the event you can look at the recorded video HERE. The virtual workshop had 70 active participants at the peak from 23 countries: 19 EU Member States and 4 Non-EU/global. For the EU, Greece and Italy were by far the most represented country, followed by Finland, Belgium and Portugal. The majority of them were from software industry (23%), followed by educational institutions (16%), other research organisations (13%), consulting firms (10%) and telecommunications industry (7%).

As a result SOFIE and have compiled a whitepaper presenting IoT's societal impacts and giving recommendations for future EU funding programmes. Read the report HERE.

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