SOFIE WORKSHOP: Decentralised operation and security in the IoT Space 18/6/2020

SOFIE will have a virtual workshop on 18th ofJune at 11:00-13:00 CEST. The workshop focuses on "Decentralised operation and security in the IoT Space" and is organized in collaboration with The workshop will  introduce the outstanding research results and SOFIE applications to the workshop audience and showcase how decentralization in the IoT Space helps our society and economy.
During the workshop our researchers and developers tap into several key aspects that make SOFIE's approach and underlying framework unique for the IoT space. They will address the issue of utilizing multiple distributed ledgers in an IoT environment and how to enable decentralised identifiers and verifiable credentials for constrained IoT devices. This is followed by presentations from the four SOFIE real life applications (pilots) from three different business sectors - energy, food supply, mobile gaming. The pilots showcase the various ways the research conduced and technology developed in SOFIE will enhance the services, customer experience and ultimately business conduction in the energy data exchange and energy flexibility marketplace, in the food supply chain sector and also in context aware gaming. 

This SOFIE workshop is meant for people who are interested in IoT interoperability and 
in facilitating the smooth creation of new IoT business platforms through secure open federation, and in general for those engaged in cybersecurity and privacy issues looking for resources to make their business more secure. 

The workshop presentations will be delivered by: Santeri Paavolainen (Aalto), prof.  Vasilios A. Siris (AUEB), Priit Anton (Guardtime), Giuseppe Raveduto (Engineering) , Max Samarin and Ahsan Manzoor (Rovio) and Spyros Voulgaris (AUEB). The workshop is moderated by prof. George Polyzos (AUEB) and will also feature presentation by Nicholas Ferguson, the project coordinator. 

This workshop is a valuable opportunity to learn from European IoT and CS&P experts who will be sharing their experience! What's more  -  there is no fee to participate!

  • To participate, please register HERE.