SOFIE will be out and about in Athens

SOFIE will be speaking, showing and socialising at Decentralized 2019 from 30. October to 1. November. Europe’s premier conference on blockchain brings together the world’s leading business executives and academic experts to debate current trends and future developments of blockchain technologies.  

With over 1500 field experts from over 50 countries attending, Decentralized is a perfect place where to tell SOFIE’s story and highlight it’s potential. 

The project’s three pilots will be showcased during the workshop held on the 31st of October 16:00 -18:00 and on the exhibition site throughout the conference.

SOFIE’s ambition workshop “Interledger Technologies for Cyber-Physical Systems Federation with Security, Privacy, and Flexibility. - Practical applications to the Energy sector, the Food-Supply Chain, and Context-Aware IoT gaming” will prove to the audience that a federated platform enabling seamless data exchange paths between fragmented Iot systems is future of now.

The pilot’s presented at the workshop are:

  • Energy data exchange pilot, presented by Priit Anton and Margus Haavala (Guardtime)
  • Energy flexibility marketplace pilot, Giuseppe Raveduto (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica)
  • Food supply chain pilot, Sotiris Karachontzitis (Synelixis Solutions SA)
  • Mixed reality mobile gaming pilot, presented by Max Samarin and Ahsan Manzoor (Rovio Entertainment Corporation)

The workshop will be moderated by George Polyzos (Athens University of Economics and Business).

SOFIE's applications will also be showcased at the exhibition site at SOFIE booth. The consortium partners will discuss the wide variety of SOFIE applications with the visitors and visualise their interaction with videos of use-case demos. In addition Ericsson will show up at the booth with their interledger demonstration, using physical devices to showcase interledger mechanisms.

To add a cherry on the cake, Tommi Elo (Aalto University) from SOFIE consortium will give a speech at Decentralized as well. On the 31st of October he will speak about using system dynamics models to analyse the sustainability of SOFIE business platforms.

In conclusion, SOFIE will have it’s hands full in Athens and is waiting for all interested parties to come and learn more about the wonder of Secure, Open Federation for Internet Everywhere.

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Published by Liis Livin, Guardtime