SOFIE demonstrates its Marketplace and Interledger in Use at ETSI Webinar

On the 17th of December at 3:00 pm CET (2:00 pm UTC) to 4:15 pm CET SOFIE will have a presentation on ETSI BRIGHTTALK CHANNEL. Registration for the webinar is open!

SOFIE Consortium partner Ericsson has developed a demonstration platform integrating SOFIE solutions into a Secure Marketplace for Access to Ubiquituous Goods (SMAUG). The platform demonstrates a decentralized marketplace using interledger techniques spanning multiple ledgers as a neutral platform for consumer access to multiparty service providers.

The presentation at ETSI Webinar demonstrates the use of marketplace and its interledger operations from the viewpoint of service provider on the marketplace, and how security of customer access is guaranteed while service providers can rely on the neutral marketplace to guarantee payment upon fully auditable service delivery chain. The presentation will also show how the complexity of the marketplace operations are successfully simplified from the customer's point of view into a simple, multiplatform and secure mobile application.

This presentation will be given by: Santeri Paavolainen, Mikael Jaatinen, Erik Forsgren

The webinar is free! Registration is open on ETSI website.

Bonus! Here's our SMAUG blog post. It serves a nice primer to read before heading to the ETSI webinar.