Decentralized IoT Systems and Security (DISS) Workshop 2020

On 23. February 2020, SOFIE members will organise and participate at Decentralized IoT Systems and Security (DISS) Workshop at The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS)  2020 in San Diego, CA. 
NDSS will take place February 23.-26., 2020. The Symposium has an extensive program, expert key-note speakers and various workshops.

DISS Workshop is an open full-day workshop with extensive discussions that takes place on Sunday, February 23. The 2020 edition of the workshop is already the 3rd in a series of DISS workshops held during NDSS Symposium.

Following the spirit of the NDSS Symposium, the goal of the DISS workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners to analyze and discuss the huge potential, but also the inevitable limitations of decentralized operation and security in the IoT space, in edge-computing, as well as in the wider mobile computing environment.